Destination Small Town

Our Story Productions television show and website "Destination Small Town" has made it their mission to provide an ever growing library spotlighting the small towns and counties we call home!

Discover all that the small towns of the Midwest have to offer!

Through our map you can travel to over 1500 small towns located in the Midwest and learn what's unique about each!

Select a state, then a region, and you'll find each area's town & county pages. Each contain a map showing their location, their history, a photo library and contact information. You also will find stories or videos about organizations, businesses, veterans, points of interest, festivals/events and their faith community.

From the Driver's Seat

The interesting, the peculiar, the funky! We've seen it all from the driver's seat. Here is where we share it all. Racine MN - Jet Moble WWII Bomb, Scooter?


While on the road we see many interesting things, this ones the BOMB! When visiting Antique Toys & More in Racine MN the owner Scott Johnson and he shared with me this Jet Moble WWII Bomb Scooter!

Racine MN - Jet Moble WWII Bomb, Scooter?

A Unique Way of Saying Hi from Taylor Neb


A new mode of transportation outside Sibley, IA


Wow, a antique portable filing cabinet that you must see when you are in Fostoria MN


A Snow Coupe, yes I said a Snow Coupe in Fostoria IA


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Television Show & Segments

Summer of 2007 Our Story Productions began airing "Our Story - Minnesota at it's Best" With a goal to share the lifestyle lead in the small towns of Southern Minnesota they developed a variety of segments that included history, music, health, faith, interior design, and yes even commentary. Much to their surprise towns & businesses from throughout the Midwest begin to contact them to see if they would do stories about their towns! With this expansion "Our Story - Minnesota at it's Best" became "Destination Small Town" The decision was made in order to draw more attention to their show and to increase their web presence they needed to add some humor. The first segment added was the soap opera spoof "As the Corn GROWS" The popularity of the soap lead to a number of talk shows spin offs, all supposedly produced by the television station (KLUK TV) located in the fictional Sweet Swine County. While viewers were entertained by the zany antics of the talk shows and soap opera As the Corn Grows, KLUK TV reporters and Sweet Swine County citizens would report in with stories about real businesses and points of interest they had visited in other community. Today with over 60 volunteers and a staff of four, OSP continues to air the TV show“Destination Small Town” in over 1,000,000 households on cable TV throughout the Midwest, as well as on their website, YouTube, Facebook and Pinterest pages.

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