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Destination Small Town has made it their mission to provide an ever growing library featuring the small towns and counties we call home! On the map below you can travel to the small towns of the Midwest and learn what's unique about each!

Select a state, then a region and you will find each areas County Pages! These pages contain stories/videos about businesses, citizens, points of interest, festivals/events and each counties faith community. As well as stories/videos about the contribution made by farmers/ranchers and of course the history and contact information about community organizations. On all region and county pages you will also find Town Pages that share their history and a map to their location!

So here you will learn why life in each small town is like no other and that Destination Small Town should be a travelers first thought!

Towns of the Month

Our Story Productions is proud to announce this month's winners for Town of the Month. If you would like to vote for your town, all you have to do is like us on Facebook! For your vote to count your profile must show you are/were from the town you are voting for. Share us with your friends, so they can vote, too.

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From the driver's seat

The interesting, the peculiar, the funky! We've seen it all on the road from the driver's seat. Here is where we share it all.

Sharing creativity over a cup of coffee

While visiting Ankeny Furniture in Blue Earth MN Bruce (the owner) showed me his new creation, very cool! If you are going through Blue Earth stop at Ankeny Furniture. This outstanding furniture store and coffee shop has served the Blue Earth and the surrounding area since 1969. To learn more about them CLICK HERE !


Some of our viewers favorite stories

Here you will find a selection of some of this months most viewed video stories produced by DST. To add a bit of fun each story is introduced by a character (played by one of our volunteers) who appears on our television show!

Most Viewed Counties

Destination Small Town is proud to feature the small towns located in over 400 counties of the Midwest. Here you will find the counties most viewed this month!

Traill County, ND

Traill County is a county located in the U.S. state of North Dakota. As of the 2010 census listed the population at 8,121. Its county seat is Hillsboro, and its largest city is Mayville. The county was formed in 1875. 

Daviess County, MO

Daviess County is a county located in the U.S. state of Missouri. As of the 2010 census, the population was 8,433. Its county seat is Gallatin. The county was organized in 1836, from Ray County and named for Major Joseph Hamilton Daveiss, a soldier from Kentucky who was killed in 1811.The county includes the town of Jamesport, which has the largest Amish community in Missouri.

Palo Alto County, IA

Palo Alto County is located in the northwest region of the state of Iowa. The county has a total area of 569 square miles that contain a variety of lakes. Communities include Ayrshire, Curlew, Cylinder, Emmetsburg, Graettinger, Mallard, Rodman, Ruthven and West Bend. The population of Palo Alto County is 9,421. County business is done at the county seat in Emmetsburg. Most offices are located at the historic 1880s courthouse located downtown near the business district.

Beltrami County, MN

Beltrami County is a county located in the northern part of the U.S. state of Minnesota. As of the 2010 census, the population was 44,442. Its county seat is Bemidji

Most Recent Featured Citizens and Veterans

The citizens from our towns for generations have exhibited a pride in community and an enterprising spirit! DST is proud to present the founders, business people, volunteers, entrepreneurs and military personnel who served their community and country. With this ever growing photo library, visitors are able to learn about the contributions made by their citizens!

Our Television Show

As a way to further promote the small towns of the Midwest, Our Story Productions (OSP) began airing the television show Destination Small Town in fall 2007.

To draw attention to the show, the decisions to have it take place in the fictional county of Sweet Swine, filmed by the fictional television station KLUK TV. While viewers are entertained by the zany antics of the KLUK TV shows, reporters and Sweet Swine County citizens report on real stories about their neighboring communities!

Today with over 60 volunteers and a staff of four OSP continues to produce the TV show “Destination Small Town”. Having aired in over 1,000,000 households on cable & public access TV each episode promotes the nearly 3,000 businesses and points of interest located in 900 small towns, of 9 Midwest states

For history and information about the staff and volunteers who make this TV show & website possible CLICK HERE

To learn more about the fictional county that the show takes place in CLICK HERE

Haven’t had the time to watch the KLUK TV shows on TV? You can binge-watch the soap opera spoof”AS THE CORN GROW" or one of the quirky talk, music or reality shows by just clicking below!

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