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Stop Realty, Inc. was founded in the early 1970's by the late Warren E. Swenson as a full service real estate marketing firm in Kasson, Minnesota. Farm sales were expanded and farm property management added in 1979 when his son, Kirk Swenson joined the firm after a post college career in banking and finance.

True to Warren's original company mission, 1 Stop remains a full service company specializing in the management and sales of farmland throughout Minnesota, the Midwest, and across the country.

The proficient personnel working from the Kasson, MN office will permit 1 Stop to serve clients with their farmland needs through the entire region and beyond. Each individual brings unique skills; when combined creates a truly thorough and professional approach to serving the client.

The company has managed and sold farmland from Minnesota's Red River Valley in the northwest to the "Bluff Country" in the southeast to the dusty plains of Texas, with particular emphasis on farmland sales and management in Minnesota, Iowa, and South Dakota. 1 Stop Realty specializes in land sales, 1031 tax deferred property exchanges, absentee land owner management, and land auctions.

We are pleased to consult with you about any of your property needs, large or small regarding managing, selling, buying, or exchanging. Please feel free to contact anyone of us by phone, email, or personal visit.

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