Folks Home Center

Business in Kingman, KS

Folk's Homecenter is proud to provide its friends and neighbors with a nice selection of fine furniture from nationally respected companies like Ashley, LaCrosse and Restonic Mattresses. Their small electronics area has accessories for TV’s, computers, cellphones and lots of little items you might need in a pinch.

If it’s time to update the floors of your home, Folk's Homecenter can help you with a wide variety of floor coverings to choose from. They carry quality brand name ceramic, vinyl and luxury vinyl tile as well as plush carpet, laminates and durable hardwoods. Painting project in your future? No, problem. Folk's Homecenter carries superior Pittsburgh paints, perfect for any home remodeling or fixup project.

From flooring to furniture, window treatments to paint, Folk's Homecenter carries quality products and they back them up with fast, courteous and professional service. They take the time to listen to you, answer your questions and help you find exactly what you need whether it’s a new sofa for the living room or a new paint color for the kitchen. For your next home remodeling project call Folk's Homecenter

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Folks Home Center

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