Heartland Embroidery

Business in Blue Earth, MN

Heartland Embroidery originally opened in Frost, MN in 1990.  It has since been sold & moved twice.  First from Frost to Swea City, IA.  The second move was in May 2004 when Lissia bought Heartland Embroidery and moved it to Blue Earth where it has been since.  When the purchase took place, Lissia was still attending college full time.  She graduated in December 2004 with a double major; Sales & Marketing along with Business Management.  Heartland Embroidery was one of the featured businesses in the July, 2010 Connect Business Magazine.  In August of 2015, Lissia had the opportunity to purchase a second location in Jackson, MN.  Formly Heartland Image, now Heartland Embroidery stayed in its same location and continues to serve customers, offering great products and exceptional service.  In 2018, Heartland Embroidery evolved into Heartland Embroidery & Screen Printing.  Since purchasing the businesses, Lissia has continually tried to expand and offer customers new products and services.   We strive to make every customer happy!

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Heartland Embroidery

Faribault County, MN

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