Iowa Barbeque Company

Business in Le Mars, IA

Their passion is to provide the best cut of meats for the best possible eating experience. To achieve the goal of sourcing the best animals at IBC here is what they believe. They embrace food trace technology to not only establish a link between an animal and each cut of meat, but also to genetically ensure that their meat is the highest quality.

Their pork comes from Iowa family farms and processed in Iowa allowing for less stress on the animals. The American Duroc- heritage breed they use are all raised in open pens, fed all vegetarian diets, all natural, 100% antibiotic free, and are free of growth promotants and additives.

Their beef is all sourced from the Midwest (Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska). All the cattle are humanly treated and are smaller than the industry average, because of no growth hormones and a 100% grain fed diet. The production facilities are also in the Midwest ensuring less stress on the animal.

Their chicken is organic, all natural, and cage free.

Their smoker is a custom built, standard flow, offset design and is operated entirely by hand to ensure an artisanal quality. This means it requires more labor (approximately 10 hours of continuous attention per protein/cook session) from a trained pit master who continuously monitors the proteins as well as the cooking temperature, quality of smoke, and cleanliness of the fire all while adjusting to the whims of mother nature. The heat and smoke flavors are provided solely from the burning hickory and red oak that they source from South Dakota and Minnesota, which is seasoned and cut to their exact specifications. They take pride in having a menu that is all made by hand from scratch with the best quality ingredients sourced as locally, seasonally, and sustainably as possible. Freshness and quality are held at the upmost standards. If they wouldn’t be proud to serve it to their own families, they will not serve it to you.

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Iowa Barbeque Company

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