Where'dya Find That Antiques

Business in Greensburg, KS

The one stop shop they have everything from furniture to dishes from a much, much older time, They have toys, pottery, glassware, and even books with rhymes. You will find costume jewelry, necklaces, bracelets and a few rings. They carry some radios, turntables and vinyl records that will make you want to sing. They carry prints, posters, gadgets that you can hang on your walls. They also carry oil lamps, vintage clothing and telephones.

Make your way to Greensburg, Kansas and shop awhile. It’s there you’ll meet the Goodmans, make sure to say “Hello” to Gary and Erica. Their shop is always tidy, and merchandise is displayed with flair. They treat all their customers kindly, with friendliness and care.

They hope you stop in, but if you can’t right now, Please visit us on Facebook, for antiques that will wow you. If true antique shopping, is something you really want to seek, Stop in at Where’dya Find That, a real antique shop with real antiques.

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