Gary Ellis

Citizen from Daviess County, MO

One of the most notable and interesting characters and life time area residents to Jamesport, Mo would be Gary Ellis. Antique dealer, artist, historian, philosopher, and comedian are just a few titles that come to mind quickly, but there are many talents possessed by this simple man.

Gary and his wife Carol, operated several antique stores in Jamesport for many years. The last antique store that they owned was known as The Warren House. The Warren House was known to be one of the very best stores in Missouri and the Midwest. Gary had great buying skills and realized what people were looking for. He also bought right and passed onto customers great prices on exceptional merchandise. His inventory was entertaining as well as old and novel. You might describe it like going to a museum and being able to take some history home with you.

Gary is a self taught artist. He enjoys making tramp art items such as boxes and wall hangings. At his home you'll find many concrete figures, bird baths and benches, implementing many gadgets, objects and collectibles. He donates many of his projects to local auctions and they bring good prices because many of us want to own a recognizable "Ellis Original"!

The entire town of Jamesport offers an historical experience. A growing Amish population in jamesport makes a wonderful combination to market to the public using an appropriate theme "Step Back in Time".

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