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The City of Manson was built upon the site of the Manson Impact Structure, the largest known meteorite crater in the United States. The crater, measuring more than 23 miles in diameter, was created when a meteorite crashed into earth some 74 million years ago. The crater now sits approximately 200 feet below the City of Manson. Although the crater is not visible today, the impact of the meteor significantly changed the geography of the area. As a result, the City of Manson was known for years as the “soft water capital of the world”.

Since its establishment, Manson has experienced considerable obstacles, change and growth,. It has sustained significant damage by both a fire and a tornado, undergoing major rebuilding efforts not once, but twice. Today, with a population of nearly 1900, the quality of life in Manson is exceptional. The community is noted for its: strategic location; strong leadership; excellent educational system and athletic facilities; quality housing; safe and accessible public areas; strong musical heritage; active youth programs; and, its proximity to numerous recreational amenities.

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Manson IA - Chamber of Commerce

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