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Sponsors of Bird Island, MN

Businesses and organizations from small towns of the Midwest have long stepped forward to build and serve their community. Here you will find those who have stepped forward to make this website possible. With their support we can now feature all there is to know about each community!

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About Bird Island, MN

A Commitment to Excellence

Friends abound in Bird Island, a community located on Highway 212 about an hour and a half drive west of the Twin Cities in Minnesota.

Some people may think that if a town has the word “island” in it, it should have an island, but there is no island here anymore. Many years ago about one and a half miles southwest of Bird Island there was a 60 acre island surrounded by sloughs. The island was filled with many huge, beautiful trees, that were a refuge for thousands of birds. With the help of ditches and tile the island soon disappeared. Now it has become valuable productive farmland.

Bird Island is known for its hometown pride, good quality services and its close proximity to recreational and cultural activities. With a population of 1042 you will find friendly people working hard in a wide range of business and services, ready and willing to provide for your needs.

Photo Library of Bird Island, MN

Below you can find the photo albums sharing the memories of Bird Island, MN and also what's happening today.

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Renville County, MN

Visit our county page and you will learn about the contributions made by the citizens from our town and county (founders, business people, volunteers, entrepreneurs and military veterans). Here you will find information about our town and county's points of interest, festivals/events and faith community. You also will find stories about the contributions made by farmers/ranchers located throughout our county and of course you will learn about the community organizations that have built and continue to build strong communities (chambers, community groups, and departments, etc) and much more when you visit the Renville County, MN page.