Edgemont, SD

Edgemont came into being in 1889 with the arrival of the railroad three days before South Dakota became a state on November 2, 1889. Since then the town has seen many periods of boom and bust. First was the railroad itself which included a roundhouse for repairs, then a 110 mile spur to Deadwood (now the Mickelson Trail), a wool mill all of which made Edgemont grow. During this period many famous people came to Edgemont such as; speaker William Jennings Bryan, Presidents Teddy Roosevelt and Calvin Coolidge, showman “Buffalo Bill” Cody often brought his Wild West show to town. Then in the 40’s during WWII an ammunition depot was built south of Edgemont which employed 5000 people and was decommissioned in late 60’s. During the 60’s and 70’s uranium was discovered and mined in the surrounding area and continued into the 80’s. As you can see Edgemont has had a very unique historic past.

Leaning on the past we are looking forward to the future. Edgemont’s greatest asset is its friendly, warm and caring citizens who live in Edgemont and the surrounding area. Reflecting on the past they have developed a very “Can Do” attitude toward each other and the community. Projects currently under way are; a major upgrade to the city’s infrastructure, uranium has come to town again and will begin mining in the near future, a major wind farm is under development about 15 miles northwest of Edgemont and a new housing plan is being developed. Again, Edgemont is looking toward the future and striving to grow, while preserving its historic past.

In summary, Edgemont is a great place to live, work, retire or raise a family. Our community has a great school system, a friendly downtown, a charming 100 year old city park, miles and miles of national land for outdoor activities of all types plus the famous Black Hills are just minutes away. So, when you are in our area do yourself a favor and come to Edgemont for a great experience! Hope to see you soon.

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