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About Taylor, NE

Visit Taylor, Nebraska where we still embrace old fashioned values and the flavor of the West! As the only town in Loup County, this small but mighty village serves as county seat, home of Loup County Public School, hosts the Loup County Fair and is the heart of the community. We are proud of our heritage and look forward to a bright future here in the beautiful Nebraska Sandhills.

The Sandhills Eco-region includes the largest dune system in the western hemisphere and one of the largest grass-established dune regions in the world. The high water table in this semiarid region allows for many lakes, marshes and wetlands to dot the landscape. Our area is blessed with the Sandhills grass, two major rivers, the North Loup and Calamus, and numerous feeder creeks that provide priceless habitat for birds and wildlife as well as family friendly recreation. Come and see Loup County to encounter unspoiled nature, good times, proud traditions, modern recreation and old-fashioned hospitality.

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