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The Uncommon "Original" Telescoping Flagpole was invented in the 1980's to fill a need to display Memorial Flags in honor of fallen Veterans. Flown only on holidays and special occasions, the entire Flag Pole can be collapsed with the push of a button and removed for storage, until the next event, and then once again be easily slipped into the ground sleeve and raised respectfully.Uncommon USA, Inc. is proud to have developed this concept into the sturdy, versatile flagpole offered to homeowners today."Quality" and "Value" along with our Scandinavian honesty and strong work ethic motivates us to deliver an exceptional product at a fair price. Each flagpole is assembled and inspected in our Manufacturing plant in Willmar, Minnesota. Don't be fooled by copy-cat telescoping flagpoles in the market place today..... You can trust The "Original" by Uncommon USA, Inc. WE GUARANTEE IT... 90 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE*We welcome all inquiries at the factory. Each year we Manufacture and Sell thousands of Telescoping flagpoles. We are a growing company providing a Unique product at the Right Price, and the Service to back it up.

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