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In May of 1963, after a damaging flood, operation of the hydroelectric power plant was discontinued by the Iowa Public Service Company. Years of time and neglect took its toll on the dam. The last 8 control gate broke in 1982 and the dam was no longer able to function. The lake, which had long been an important part of Nashua’s identity, soon dried up. The people and businesses of Nashua, former citizens, relatives and a host of friends from surrounding communities contributed money for restoration of the dam in conjunction with the state legislature and Iowa Public Service. The lake was dredged and construction began in 1989. On March 8, 1990, after many years of waiting, the lake was filled for the first time in close to a decade. After the powerhouse gates were closed, it took just 8 hours for water to run over the control gate. Later that June, Nashuans hosted the first annual "Water Over the Dam Days" celebration.

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