Dr. N. C. Davis

Citizen from Good Thunder, MN

Dr. N. C. Davis of Good Thunder, Minn., in September, in 1884, was summoned to see a boy 7 years of age, who had been kicked by a horse on the right cheek, breaking off the first bicuspid tooth. The tongue was cut entirely of at the junction of the tip with the base or the posterior portion of the fraenum linguae, except a few fibres of the tongue and mucous membrane on the right side. When Dr. Davis arrived the end of the tongue was protruding from the mouth. The hemorrhage was controlled by a dilute solution of persulphat of iron. Mr. Davis drew the base of the tongue forward with a tenacium. The apex was brought into apposition with the base, and secured by five silk ligatures above the dorsum, and seven below. The boy stood the operation well, and the hemorrhage was trivial. The balance of the treatment consisted in syringing out the mouth twice daily with a solution of boracic acid and putting the patient upon a liquid diet. The tongue healed nicely, with the exception of a small portion on the left side which sloughed out and left a small notch, which was nearly replaced by granulation. The doctor discharged the patient in about three weeks, with the tongue full length and articulation good.

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