Mark Piepho

Citizen from Skyline, MN

Cities and Communities:

Skyline, Mankato Precincts 5, 6, 8, 9, 12; Mankato Township Precinct 2

Expires 2021

Served Since:

Committees & Boards
Mark Piepho serves on the following committees and boards for the County:

  • Association of Minnesota Counties (AMC) District 7
  • AMC General Government Policy Committee
  • AMC Voting Members
  • Beyond the Yellow Ribbon
  • Community Correction Advisory Board
  • Community Services Council
  • Department Heads for Blue Earth County
  • Greater Blue Earth River Basin Policy Committee (GBERBA)
  • Greater Mankato Growth Regional Advisory Committee
  • Highway 169 Corridor Policy Committee
  • Homelessness Leadership Circle
  • Mayors and Clerks
  • Mankato Area Planning Organization
  • Minnesota Inter-County Association (MICA)
  • Multi-County Solid Waste Committee
  • National Guard Community Committee
  • Partners for Affordable Housing Committee
  • Recycling Education Committee
  • Regional Center for Entrepreneurial Facilitation (RCEF)
  • Rural Minnesota Energy Board
  • Southeast Minnesota Recyclers' Exchange (SEMREX)
  • Sport Facilities Steering Committee
  • Township Officers (BECATO)
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Skyline, MN 56001

Blue Earth County, MN

Blue Earth County, MN

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